Panasonic Sensor

Digital Fiber Sensor FX-410

The incident intensity and threshold price is checked at a similar time with no operations required. additionally, no advanced mode settings square measure required once the values square measure adjusted.

The threshold worth claims adjuster and operation mode switch ar giant and simple to check, and that they will be operated with constant sensitivity as general physical phenomenon sensors. Functions that aren't unremarkably used will be operated employing a non-obtrusive setting switch.


  • Conforming to EMC Directive
  • Recognition (Excluding FX-412)
  • OCertified (Excluding FX-412 and PNP output type)
  • Maximum sink current: 100 mA (50 mA, if five, or more, amplifiers are connected in cascade)
  • Applied voltage: 30 V DC or less (between output and 0 V)
  • Residual voltage: 1.5 V or less [at 100 mA sink current (50 mA, if five, or more, amplifiers are
        connected in cascade)]

  • CMOS type Micro Laser Distance Sensor HG-C

    The VFD-C200 Series is associate intelligent vector management small drive that has versatile management modes for motors and includes inherent PLC functions with capability up to five,000 steps. it's appropriate for harsh atmosphere applications with a strong thermal and anti-dust style that has comprehensive protection.


  • Conforming to EMC Directive
  • Conforming to FDA regulations
  • Easy configuration using the digital display
  • Easy to embed in machines and production lines thanks to a built-in controller
  • Compact and light-weight

  • Hot Melt Glue Detector TH

    The sensing element head will be mounted during a full and tight place because it includes a miniature size of W18 x H33 x D23 mm W0.709 x H1.299 x D0.906 in. Further, since a red alignment marker has been provided, setting will be done whereas confirming the detection purpose projected on the work-piece.


  • Miniature sensor head [Spot type]
  • Wide sensing area [Long sensing range type]
  • 2 in 1 (induction motor and synchronous motor)
  • Sensitive and reliable detection
  • Long sensing range 300 mm 11.811 in [Long sensing range type]
  • Suitable for high speed production line
  • Sensor head with operation indicator [Long sensing range type]
  • Easy start-up by teaching
  • Eight-channel registration
  • Three functions for inspecting hot melt glue application

  • Ultra-slim Light Curtain Type 4 PLe SIL3 SF4C

    In exploitation the sunshine curtain, please establish an impact system to satisfy the below things so as to confirm safety with a complete system. The SF4C-F light curtain has a 10 mm 0.394 in beam pitch which allows additional protection while reducing overall size. The response time of all finger protection light curtains in the SF4C-F series is 9 ms or less. Recalculation of the safety distance is unnecessary for each time light curtain length is changed.


  • Conforming to Machinery & EMC Directives
  • Certified
  • Conforming to UL and CSA standard (certified by TÜV SÜD(NRTL)
  • Certified [SF4C-F□(-J05) only]
  • Space Saving Light Curtain Finger Protection
  • With a slimness of 13mm 0.512 in, SF4C fits effieiently into small equipment
  • Slim size for efficient applications
  • Can be used in a variety of applications for simplified equipment [Large multi-purpose indicator]
  • Beam-axis alignment indicators help to reduce startup time
  • A single model supports both PNP and NPN polarities reducing model numbers

  • Connector Built-in U-shaped Micro Photoelectric Sensor[Amplifier Built-in] PM-64

    This greatly reduces the quantity of area obsessed compared to previous models. The dimension between the beam axis and cable bending half has been reduced to 0.5 at most. The connection affiliation kind eliminates the additional work of attachment and insulation process. additionally, the connection used could be a commercially-available utile connection that is additionally presently employed by the DP-100 series of digital pressure sensors.


  • Conforming to EMC Directive
  • Recognition
  • Built-in connector saves space
  • his greatly reduces the amount of space taken up compared to previous models.
  • Can be connected using commercially-available connectors
  • Improved maintenance and workability significantly reduces total cost

  • Universal Sensor Mounting Stand MS-AJ

    When the electrode of the thru-beam sort physical phenomenon detector and CHX-SC2 face one another on a line and their optical axes match, the amount of LEDs that light within the level indicator, as well as, the sound tone will increase. Since the sound tone also can be detected with associate degree earpiece, the detector checker is employed in a loud place. Since the sensing element checker encompasses a compact size (W100 x H60 x D23 metric linear unit W3.937 x H2.362 x D0.906 in), it are often handily carried to the place of use.


  • Convenient for beam alignment
  • Flexible height adjustment
  • Mountable on vertical or horizontal plane
  • Flexible angle adjustment
  • Cable can be neatly threaded into pipe
  • Eight models
  • Light and sound indicate optimum position
  • Compact and light weight
  • Complete Protection

  • Small / Slim Object Detection Area Sensor NA1-11

    A minimum sensing object size of ø13.5 mm ø0.531 in will be detected by Associate in Nursing emitting and receiving part pitch of ten metric linear unit zero.394 in. Though being very slim, it's a large sensing space of one m three.281 foot length and a hundred millimeter three.937 in breadth. it's most fitted for object detection on a large line, or for detective work the dropping of, or incursion by, tiny objects whose travel path is unsure.


  • Conforming to EMC Directive
  • UL Recognition(Excluding 5 m cable length type)
  • Emitting and receiving element pitch: 10 mm 0.394 in
  • Just 10 mm 0.394 in thick
  • Globally usable
  • No synchronization wire

  • Rectangular-shaped Inductive Proximity Sensor GX-F/H

    This device has the longest stable sensing vary among a similar level of rectangular inductive proximity sensors within the trade. it's straightforward to put in the device. Thorough adjustment and management of sensing sensitivity greatly reduces individual device variations and variations. The work of adjusting device positions once victimization multiple sensors and once sensors are replaced is way easier. product style are whole revised to produce wonderful temperature characteristics. Stable sensing may be obtained no matter the time of day or the yearly season.


  • Can be installed with ample space
  • Variation at the maximum operation distance is within ±8 %
  • Can be insTemperature characteristics vary within ±8 %talled with ample space
  • Highly resistant to water or oil! IP68G* protective construction

  • S-LINK V gateway controller for open network

    The new SL-VGU1-EC entry Controller supports EtherCAT, a high-speed communications system that's speedily gaining quality. Because of the high degree of evolution of recent automation-unmanned technology, the amount of sensors and actuators at add the solfa syllable worksite is increasing evermore. ON / OFF change devices like photoelectrical sensors, inductive proximity sensors, magnetism valves, and therefore the like, tho' simple in character, represent giant} burden on the work within the sort of electricity layout style and wiring once employed in large quantities. The S-LINK V helps you to wire along associate more and more sizable amount of ON / OFF change devices simply, quickly, and with alittle footprint.


  • New EtherCAT support [SL-VGU1-EC]
  • The next-generation Wire-saving System S-LINK V pioneers new technological potential.
  • Ideal wire-saving system that meets the strict demands of the FA worksite
  • Flexible
  • Design a layout with complete control and freedom
  • Truly dependable featuresAll models are CE marking (EMC Directive) compliant.

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